Behind the scenes...
Pirates of the Caribbean "On Stranger Tides" "An American in Hollywood"
Got started in Hollywood again w/the casting of Pirates of the Caribean "On Stranger Tides"... didn't know what to expect- but, threw together some stuff for costume... thought I was a 'sure in'- but, sadly, no... This was a "guerilla-style" shoot, taking place 'on location' on public transpo... as a "Nazi"- man, what a crazy nite!
"Skankhill Road" "Shadow"
as a convict in "Skankhill Road"... easist day ever... showed up.. had snax, 3 hours later, goin' home... Had a good (long) day on the set of "Shadow" and made a new friend... was a background actor "bar patron"- so, all we had to do was act like we were in a bar having a good time.. raise a glass and dance a little in front of a punk band..
Music Video "Cries From The City" - Avion Blackman
Casting call for "punks" for a reggae/ world music/ R & B video, "Cries from the city" by Avion Blackman... all I had to do was show up as myself & they loved it! :)

You never know what you'll have to do on set- but, it's good to be prepared ->> the make-up person didn't show- so, they asked if anyone knew how to do the blood in an accident scene..., so, I did :D
Pilot: "All Rise"
Bringin' back the Tusk-in-the-septum w/the "Bull-ring" as a 'biker bad boy' in a pilot comedy w/Cedric the Entertainer called "All Rise"
CSI: "Freaks & Geeks" episode
Definately a highlight for me- doing what I've always wanted to do: A Freak-Show scene on a high-profile show: CSI (The original- in "Las Vegas")... the scene was in a freak-show carnival w/all sorts of great people! Great food all day- great set- and fun people. Sword swallowers, a giant, a unicorn-boy, a lobster-boy, a bearded lady.. the Elephant man, fire-breathers, tattooed lady... Amy Amnesia w/the Freak Show Deluxe driving nails into her nasal cavity w/a hammer! Loved every second of it!
Universal Backlot Webcast "Beckinfield" on
Working on the Universal Studios backlot- you'll never know what you'll see :) This was a great contest to be a part of - create a character as an audition! I shot over 20 vids for this one! :)

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